Welcome to Eaton Flyfishers

Mon 19 October, 2020

GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS – Apply to all, everyone should follow these. 

  • Distance between fellow anglers, social distancing is 2 metres
  • Compulsory carrying of sanitiser or soap and water.
  • Anglers  must wash or sanitise their hands after touching locks, gates and catch return boxes,  etc
  • The use of disposable gloves is also recommended 
  • Don’t go if you have a cough or temperature, go home if you feel ill 
  • Only fish on your own, with members of your own household or with one person from another household
  • You must display your parking permit number in the windscreen of your car
  • Register your visit in the online catch returns section on this site or in the catch returns book



Eaton Flyfishers (Formerly Buglawton Trout Club) have been fishing the River Dane near Congleton in Cheshire for over a century.